All from Italy with a distinctive personality that help you settle in for a dining experience second to none. This friendly team have all been given affectionate nicknames, so lets introduce you to them…

Pino "The Boss"
Pino “The Boss”
Stefano "The Master"
Stefano “The Master”
Sasha "Zuzu"
Sasha “Zuzu”
Lorenzo "Silvester"
Lorenzo “Silvester”
Antonio "Pantofolo"
Antonio “Pantofolo”
Kostantino "Mr. Oil"
Kostantino “Mr. Oil”
Tommaso "Mr. Bean"
Tommaso “Mr. Bean”
Ruben "The Model"
Ruben “The Model”
Michele "D'Artagnan"
Michele “D’Artagnan”
Pasquale "Lupin"
Pasquale “Lupin”
Massimo "Mr. Poli"
Massimo “Mr. Poli”
Luca "Mr. Gray"
Luca “Mr. Gray”
Angela "Wilma"
Angela “Wilma”
Valerio “Linguini”
Michela "Betty"
Michela “Betty”
Myriam "Mimi"
Myriam “Mimi”
Nicola "Bond"
Nicola “Bond”