Celebrate Valentine’s Day Italian Style

Known as La Festa Degli Innamorati, Valentine’s Day in Italy is a true celebration between loved ones and sweethearts, and when it comes to romance, Italians don’t do anything by halves. With its romantic towns and backdrops for unforgettable cinematic love scenes, exquisite art and food, Italy can really put on a spectacular show for your special occasion. At Al Bacio, we want to make this 14th February one to remember. After all, if there’s a reason to celebrate, we want to share it with you.

For those of you who look forward to getting dressed up and going out for the most romantic meal of the year, look no further than Al Bacio where you won’t be disappointed. Welcomed with a delicious red fruits cocktail to set the romantic mood, you’ll have your choice from many aphrodisiac foods including smoked salmon stuffed with crab meat, prawns, and chives tartare, fresh lobster, risotto with champagne and smoked Scamorza cheese, and succulent steak. Finished off with a special mandarin and almond meringue gratin for dessert, or perhaps something a little more chocolatey, you’re sure to give your loved one a spectacular Italian treat.

But as every year rolls around, you can wind up doing the same old thing for every Valentine’s Day. So this year, why not show your loved one just how much you care by doing something a little different? If you’ve booked a jam packed day with little room for a three course meal, come on by our restaurant early for a quieter, romantic setting where you can enjoy a delectable Italian dish before heading off to your surprise for the evening. Or perhaps after that late theatre show you’ve planned, swing by Al Bacio for a delicious dessert and glass of wine. And to make your day even more special, if you book a table from 5.00pm to 5.30pm and 10.00pm to 10.30pm we will treat you with a free bottle of wine.

So, this Valentine’s Day, do something that your loved one will remember in the years to come, and experience authentic Italian food with a celebratory glass of wine at Al Bacio. We want to help you make memories!

Kick off your new years resolutions with Italy

Making New Year’s resolutions is a common tradition, and except for the one where we all promise to purchase a gym membership to trim off the Christmas weight, one of the most common resolutions we make is to learn about a new culture. So this New Years, why not dip your toe into the beautiful waters of Italy?

Learning a new language is often the first thing people think of when wishing to discover a different culture. Italy is adorned with great beauty and rich history, and learning to speak the romantic language will give you an even tastier flavour of the culture. This language is particularly beneficial if you’re involved in occupations, such as fashion, the culinary arts, and interior design, not to mention many more.

The best way to really soak up a new language is by visiting the country itself and spending time with people who speak it as their first language. So why not add to your New Year’s resolution list ‘Visit Italy’? You’ll have the experience of a lifetime and you’ll be able to tick off two goals at the same time. Italy is a stunning country to feast your eyes upon, and will stir all five of your senses up a treat. We have it all – the luscious landscapes, artistic treasures, rich history and exquisite food.

And if you visit Italy, you’ll have to add another resolution to your list. Make it your aim to discover the beauty of Italian cuisine. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. And although this one may override your original ‘lose weight’ resolution, this one is so much more worth it. Although pizza and pasta may first come to mind, introducing your taste buds to our delectable food doesn’t rule out your healthy eating resolution. If you don’t happen to visit Italy this year, you can still tick this one off by joining us in our restaurant and tucking into a delicious rocket salad with cured beef or a classic risotto with tiger prawns, saffron and pistachios.

Come and celebrate the New Year with us at Al Bacio and make your New Year’s resolutions ones to look forward to.

Celebrate the Italian Way

Dazzling trees in the corner of your mince-pie-scented home, cheery tunes sung around the piano, one piece of chocolate for every day to go – it’s that time again. Except this Christmas and New Year’s, make it one of the best yet. If you want 2015 to go out with a bang, Italy is your place.

Step out into a whole new world this year and see just how the Italians do Christmas, or Natale. Igniting the festivities with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8, witness elaborate nativity scenes that will inspire your own for years to come. On the streets of Rome, shepherds from the Abruzzo region play bagpipes around the city – a true Roman tradition you must see. For a spot of shopping – get down to the biggest Christmas market around held at Piazza Navona. Twinkling lights, festive music, roasted chestnuts – this will be an unforgettable experience.

On Christmas Eve, enjoy a modest feast of fish, such as grilled lobster or linguini with clam sauce. For the big day, indulge in typical Italian dishes, such as baccalà (salted dried codfish), vermicelli, baked pasta, turkey, and capon, and to finish with, a selection of cookies and cakes, such as pandoro (sweet bread from Verona). And just when you think it’s all over, Italians carry this celebration all the way until January 6.

Kicking off the New Year, il capodanno, in Italy is by far the most exciting. On New Year’s Eve celebrate La Festa di San Silvestro with dramatic firework displays, dancing, and good food. Dinner often includes lentils, which symbolises good money and fortune for the year to come, and Cotechino (Italian sausage). Last of all, we raise a glass of sparkling wine to 2016, and on January 6 commemorate La Befana, the Feast of the Epiphany.

If Italy is too far to journey this year, come and join us at Al Bacio for a truly authentic Italian experience with our new Christmas and New Year’s menu. Don’t miss out, and book today.

Fall in Love with Italy

With the last days of summer lingering, you’ll ride through the canals of Venice, climb The Leaning Tower of Pisa or stroll through the picturesque towns around Lake Como in the warmth of the season without the humidity. Get a taste of what’s to come this autumn at Al Bacio with many fall-friendly dishes.

With thin tourist crowds, a drop in temperature, and exquisite food, Italy is one of the best places to visit this autumn. Hosting a number of food festivals, you won’t be short of entertainment – or a snack. Street Food Trucks will make an appearance in Florence, Bari and Rome this October, sharing the best of their culinary specialities. If you can’t get enough of white truffles, Alba is throwing their International Alba White Truffle Fair, and for all the chocolate lovers out there, get down to the Eurochocolate festival in the city of Perugia. For gourmet food enthusiasts, enjoy mushrooms, chestnuts, truffles and chocolate this fall in our spectacular city.

Drink in some of our incredible sights, such as Barcolana, an historic international sailing regatta in Trieste, our colourful Matera Balloon Festival, our antique and collectibles fair, Mercante in Fiera, the Rome Film Fest, and many more. The days may be shorter, but with drawn out nights, take a romantic stroll through our beautiful streets and see many of our historic monuments ablaze with light. Italy in autumn is truly irresistible.

Let’s not forget the season of Il Vino, wine. Al Bacio possesses a selection of fine wines bursting with flavours, and we can select the perfect choice to make every bite of your dinner taste divine. The time of grape harvesting and wine making gives birth to events, such as the Vine al Vino regional Chianti festival.

With all the palettes of yellows, reds, oranges, amidst the earthy greens and browns of autumn in Italy, get a taster of the culture first, and test your palate at Al Bacio today.

Get Down to Business the Right Way

We believe the right food can bring people together, and what better time to enhance your afternoon than with a new boss.

With today’s instant communication via technology, the face-to-face business meeting is still vital when building relationships, perhaps even more so. With a personal touch added, it can be more productive to get down to the nitty gritty in person, and over some good food and well-partnered drink, a special bond can easily be achieved. Enjoy the simplicity of a business meeting without technology.

Meeting at the same restaurant with the same meals can lower the tone of your meeting, but at Al Bacio, with a brand new menu we offer fresh meals, inspired by our own culture. We bring an authentic Italian experience to your table, and with our all-Italian team working behind the scenes, you will get nothing but the best, which is great if you’re trying to impress. Sourcing first-class ingredients, we bring passion, flavour, and exuberance into any meeting, so no matter how tedious it is our food will always spice things up.

However, not every business lunch needs to be all about work. With a new deal snapped up, offers made, or a successful meet with a potential client, take the time to celebrate. With our finest champagne and true Italian cuisine, we want to share one of life’s most successful moments with you. We offer high class food at affordable prices so you can experience a special afternoon without breaking the bank.

We take our food very seriously, as do all Italians, and we know you take your business seriously too, so let us combine our efforts to spark a great partnership or to close that deal once and for all. Call us now and reserve your table.

Discover Italy’s Finest Mozzarella Makers

On the 20th October 7:30pm, for the first time, Al Bacio are holding a mozzarella evening in our restaurant to give you an authentic flavour of Italy’s favourite cheese. See how it’s made, give it a go yourself, learn from our own masters of mozzarella, and above all, turn your evening into a celebration feast.

If you’ve ever wondered how mozzarella is prepared, now is the time to find out. Traditionally made from Italian buffalo milk using the pasta filata method, this flavour is highly prized, although it can also be made from cow’s milk. The delicious, stringy cheese is made from fresh curds that are kneaded and broken off into individual balls of mozzarella, which in Southern Italy is often devoured within a few hours of being made.

We will have the masters of mozzarella from Consoli-caseificio in to create this simple Italian delicacy in the middle of the restaurant, teaching you about the various kinds of mozzarella out there. From Burrata, a ball with a heavy cream centre that allows the delicious elements of cream and cheese to marry as your fork slices through, to cow’s milk, known as fior di latte ‘the flower of milk’ which is a must for pizzas, to stracciatella, thin strands of mozzarella soaked in fresh cream, you’ll never look at any other cheese again.

With a set menu for this event, designed by our leading Italian team, you will enjoy an unforgettable meal, for a truly special evening. From only £20 (per head), enjoy tasty Focaccia, Antipasto Italiano, Penne Toscana, and to finish, the popular, coffee-flavoured Italian desert, Tiramisu. As you can see, this event is not one to miss.

Dig deeper into the Italian way of life and discover our authentic cuisine that can bring an ordinary evening into the extraordinary. Bring your family and friends along and discover more of the world of mozzarella by calling us now.

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Enjoy authentic Italian food surrounded by Italians who have a passion for making memories.

Much love
Pino Guarini