The Founder

Pino Guarini
Pino Guarini

Giuseppe Guarini, named Pino, was born in Taranto, Puglia, in the South region of Italy in 1961 to a traditional Italian Family.

His father Nicola worked as a waiter for 50 years in the Air Force Restaurant in Gioia del Colle NATO base.

Working with people became a passion and at 9 years old, Pino used to go to street markets where his father’s friends gave him the opportunity to develop his natural selling skills.

At the beginning it was only for clothing, not his future true love, Italian dining, but a strong foundation was being set for his future career. Born into a family where most of the members worked in hospitality and catering, Pino was the first one of a new generation to explore other interests.

As he stepped into to the marketplace, he secured a position as Assistant Sales Manager working with brands such as:
La Perla Latte, Centrale Del Latte Taranto, Fini, Kraft, Invernizzi, Galbusera.

This time was formative to his beliefs about the importance of giving the customer an unforgettable experience. During this time his business skills sharpened in observing how restaurants best served the public.

The pioneering spirit and quest to improve his quality of life led Pino to England in November 1996. This proved a life changing step where Pino married Alessandra and had his two beautiful children Laurence and Gloria.

Armed with life’s experiences Pino began his journey at San Carlo, an Italian Restaurant in Bristol. Pino started his job as Kitchen Porter; then over a period of five years, he progressed through the ranks from waiter, wine waiter, to headwaiter. In 2002 Pino got his promotion as Assistant manager.

Since that time he became very popular among San Carlo’s customers for his passion for music and theatre. He enjoyed entertaining them with singing and little skits, that become his signature for every dining experience.

After Pino had worked for San Carlo for 17 years, maturing in his business skills, a great opportunity arose into which he was able to invest his knowledge and pioneering spirit.

On the 23rd of July 2013 Al Bacio was born. His dream was realized and now that unique mix of food, fun and fellowship brings you the very best in Italian Cuisine.