Christmas Day & New Years at Al Bacio

Christmas at Al Bacio is a truly special occasion and we love every moment of it, so we are launching into the party season with great expectations! Excitement is mounting, you can almost hear those Christmas Bells! The smells coming from our kitchen can only mean that plans have been made, Christmas menus have been set and our chefs are busy. The only missing ingredient is you! It’s not too late to book a table for the Christmas period and we are open on Christmas Day.

Alternatively, you might be looking further ahead, making plans to celebrate the arrival of New Year.

Why not make New Year’s Eve 2018 a special one by booking ahead for a memorable dinner at Al Bacio? Our friendly staff will ensure that you end the year in great company, with great food options from our menu and a warm Italian atmosphere. Dining will be à la carte (from our standard menu) and there is no need to pay a deposit. We’re open from 12 midday onwards on New Year’s Eve – no closing time, so you can say goodbye to the old year at your leisure. As a great man once said, “Youth is when you’re allowed to stay up late on New Year’s Eve, middle age is when you’re forced to!!” We don’t want to force anyone to stay up too late but we’d love to help you to welcome in your New Year with the people who are most special to you.

Perhaps you’d like to try a recipe we have for a wonderful year ahead!

Take twelve ripe months; clean off any nasty memories.
Add a large scoop of gratitude and forgiveness.
Cut the months into thirty or thirty-one equal parts.
Add to each part love, kindness and hard work.

We hope to welcome you to our Al Bacio family this Christmas or New Year! It’s a busy season, so make sure you get in there early and book your table today. You can find out the full details by calling us on 0117 973 9734.