Bringing Italy to Bristol this Summer

What springs to your mind, when you think of an Italian summer? Sunny beaches? Mediterranean waters? Great seafood?

While we can’t transport the Mediterranean waters over to Bristol, or make a promise on the sunny weather, we can bring you a truly authentic Italian dining experience, complete with our fresh seafood menu options.

At Al Bacio, we always source the very best and most authentic Italian ingredients. Because of our commitment to quality, we stock fresh seafood every day. Our chefs know how to turn that produce into a mouth-watering dish, preparing some fantastic seafood menu options for you to enjoy this summer.

Are you in the mood of Lobster soup? Or perhaps some fresh Ostriche (oysters), or Cozze bianche (mussels) as your starter? Or how about Linguine lobster or Sea bass alla griglia as your main?

Whatever your taste, we’ll always leave you satisfied by delivering quality ingredients, cooked to perfection.Want proof? Watch this video of a very lively lobster uploaded by Owner Pino Guarini. and another showing our wide selection of Seafood on Our Facebook Page


And it’s not just us saying it. Our customers agree.


Stella L. enjoyed a meal with her partner, leaving us an amazing 5-star review on TripAdvisor. “I had ordered the monkfish pasta and my partner the seafood pasta. The sauce was beautifully seasoned and had just the right about of chilli without overpowering the fish, while the pasta was cooked al-dente! Perfect! My partner loved his seafood, which weren’t overcooked! Absolutely lovely! We would have loved a dessert, but we were too full! Next time!”


And Dominic has named us his favourite restaurant in Bristol, sharing his experience in another 5-star review. “Been here 4 times now! Restaurant boasts a fantastic quality of food with a great menu and excellent daily specials. The food is authentic Italian style and a must for any lovers of seafood. The staff and manager Pino are excellent and always on hand to fulfil your needs. Would recommend – very reasonable prices for the quality of the experience!”


So whether you’re celebrating a birthday with friends and family, an anniversary or a date night with your partner, or hosting a business meeting, we’ll always deliver great company and the best food, sourced from the freshest ingredients. In other words.- we’ll make your visit truly unforgettable. Celebrate with us for a truly Italian dining experience.