Get Down to Business the Right Way

We believe the right food can bring people together, and what better time to enhance your afternoon than with a new boss.

With today’s instant communication via technology, the face-to-face business meeting is still vital when building relationships, perhaps even more so. With a personal touch added, it can be more productive to get down to the nitty gritty in person, and over some good food and well-partnered drink, a special bond can easily be achieved. Enjoy the simplicity of a business meeting without technology.

Meeting at the same restaurant with the same meals can lower the tone of your meeting, but at Al Bacio, with a brand new menu we offer fresh meals, inspired by our own culture. We bring an authentic Italian experience to your table, and with our all-Italian team working behind the scenes, you will get nothing but the best, which is great if you’re trying to impress. Sourcing first-class ingredients, we bring passion, flavour, and exuberance into any meeting, so no matter how tedious it is our food will always spice things up.

However, not every business lunch needs to be all about work. With a new deal snapped up, offers made, or a successful meet with a potential client, take the time to celebrate. With our finest champagne and true Italian cuisine, we want to share one of life’s most successful moments with you. We offer high class food at affordable prices so you can experience a special afternoon without breaking the bank.

We take our food very seriously, as do all Italians, and we know you take your business seriously too, so let us combine our efforts to spark a great partnership or to close that deal once and for all. Call us now and reserve your table.