Discover Italy’s Finest Mozzarella Makers

On the 20th October 7:30pm, for the first time, Al Bacio are holding a mozzarella evening in our restaurant to give you an authentic flavour of Italy’s favourite cheese. See how it’s made, give it a go yourself, learn from our own masters of mozzarella, and above all, turn your evening into a celebration feast.

If you’ve ever wondered how mozzarella is prepared, now is the time to find out. Traditionally made from Italian buffalo milk using the pasta filata method, this flavour is highly prized, although it can also be made from cow’s milk. The delicious, stringy cheese is made from fresh curds that are kneaded and broken off into individual balls of mozzarella, which in Southern Italy is often devoured within a few hours of being made.

We will have the masters of mozzarella from Consoli-caseificio in to create this simple Italian delicacy in the middle of the restaurant, teaching you about the various kinds of mozzarella out there. From Burrata, a ball with a heavy cream centre that allows the delicious elements of cream and cheese to marry as your fork slices through, to cow’s milk, known as fior di latte ‘the flower of milk’ which is a must for pizzas, to stracciatella, thin strands of mozzarella soaked in fresh cream, you’ll never look at any other cheese again.

With a set menu for this event, designed by our leading Italian team, you will enjoy an unforgettable meal, for a truly special evening. From only £20 (per head), enjoy tasty Focaccia, Antipasto Italiano, Penne Toscana, and to finish, the popular, coffee-flavoured Italian desert, Tiramisu. As you can see, this event is not one to miss.

Dig deeper into the Italian way of life and discover our authentic cuisine that can bring an ordinary evening into the extraordinary. Bring your family and friends along and discover more of the world of mozzarella by calling us now.